GSA Loose Rock Anchor Bolts

GSA Loose Rock Anchor Bolts
Tunnel 3/89

Tunnel Magazine, Volume 3/89

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Metro de Santiago, Linea 2 South Extension, Lo Ovalle to La Cisterna

The Santiago Metro network comprises five lines. The Linea 2 South extension included 2.5km dual track running tunnels and two stations with a maximum span of 16.2m. Further, an excavation of 60-65m2 running tunnel in combined top heading/bench with a subsequent invert excavation. Reinforcement consisted of lattice girders, welded wire fabric for initial lining and welded wire fabric for final shotcrete lining. Dr. Sauer and Partners assisted in the production of design criteria for the final design and produced finite element structural computations for the large station caverns.

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Geotechnical Engineering

The successful design and execution of any geotechnical engineering project requires a thorough understanding of the expected behaviour of the subsurface and appropriate simulation. Dr. Sauer & Partners provides numerous services in the field of Geotechnical Engineering.

Services provided include:

  • Review/Interpretation of existing data (raw data, reports, maps)
  • Assessment of geotechnical parameters (Geological, Hydrological, Engineering)
  • Conceptual models
  • Geotechnical risk assessment and risk mapping
  • Numerical models (3D Finite element analysis) using the most sophisticated simulation software available
  • 3D geological models updated when new information is available
  • Settlement assessment
  • Geotechnical Engineering designs as standalone problems or in conjunction with tunnel portals and Cut & Cover structures
  • Slope stability assessments and remediation design
  • Retaining wall and shaft design (sheet piles, diaphragm walls, secant piles, jet-grout walls, sprayed concrete shafts)