Santiago's Metro Expands

Santiago's Metro Expands
NAT 2004

North American Tunneling Conference, April 17-21, 2004

Tunneling Under Dulles Airport

Tunneling Under Dulles Airport
RETC 2003

Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference - Proceedings 2003

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Beacon Hill Station

The Beacon Hill Station is a Sound Transit Central Link light rail stop in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It is a tunnel station, about 160 feet (49 m) under South Lander Street, with an entrance located at the southeast corner of Beacon Avenue South and South Lander Street.

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Instrumentation & Monitoring

Monitoring Cross Section
Installation of Pressure Cells
Documentation Report

Instrumentation and monitoring is a crucial part of any underground construction as it allows verification of the design assumptions, provides a comprehensive picture of the ground behaviour and ground-support interaction, allows adequate adjustment of construction methods, ensures safe construction, and protects existing structures in an urban environment.

Dr. Sauer & Partners provides numerous services in the field of instrumentation and monitoring.

Services provided include:

  • Instrumentation & Monitoring specifications
  • Design of instrumentation layout for buildings, surface, subsurface, and underground structures
  • Process of variable monitoring results using our own custom-built software
  • Concise monitoring reporting with a graphical presentation of monitoring results of various instruments in time-displacement diagrams, vector diagrams, and contour plots
  • On site / field documentation of ground conditions, construction activities, and construction quality
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