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Special Construction Methods

Doorframe Slab Method, Dr. Sauer GroupOctober 13, 2004

Description of the principles of this semi cut-and-cover method.

Ground Freezing, Dr. Sauer GroupOctober 13, 2004

The basics of ground freezing.

Caisson Method, Dr. Sauer GroupMay 20, 2004

An new and innovative underwater tunelling method.

Barrel Vault Method, Dr. Sauer GroupJanuary 1, 2004

A brief description of this veratile pre-support method.

Frozen Ground for Building Support, Urschitz, G., Gall, V. and Zeidler K.June 6, 2000

The use of groundfreezing for temporary building underpinning a historic building.

A summary of the compensation grouting and monitoring works for these new underground station.

The Doorframe Slab Method, Barrel Vault Method and Conventional NATM, Sauer, G., Zeidler, K. and Gall, V.June 14, 1993

Case History for state-of-the-art tunneling techniques under an operating railroad.