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Tunnel Design

Bond Street Station Upgrade Project (BSSU), London, UK, Cate Anthony, Dr. Sauer and Partners LtdApril 25, 2014

Works are now underway at Bond Street tube station, with the completion of both SCL shafts and over 60m of sprayed concrete tunnels to date.

Excavation and Support Systems, Dr. Sauer GroupJanuary 1, 1998

A short introduction about excavation, support sequences and interacting factors.

Tunnel Design Tools, Dr. Sauer GroupJanuary 1, 1998

A brief overview of computer aided analysis and calculation for design of underground strucutures.

Design of Tunnel Linings using Capacity Limit Curves, Sauer, G., Gall, V., Bauer, E., Dietmaier, P.May 22, 1994

Basic considerations of Capacity Limit Curves and their use in design of tunnel cross sections and linings.

Canopied portals for NATM rail tunnel, Way, A.January 1, 1993

Construction of a twin-track NATM rail tunnel outside Salzburg with canopied portals.