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Waterproofing & Water Control

Achieving Dry Stations and Tunnels with Flexible Waterproofing Membranes, Egger, K.., Mergelsberg, W., Sauer, GMarch 2, 2004

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Waterproofing Systems, Dr. Sauer GroupJanuary 1, 1998

Cut-and-cover waterproofing at the Georgia Avenue Petworth Station Washington D.C. USA.

Flexible membrane based waterproofing systems in-use since the mid-sixties for tunnels recently have been incorporated into other subterranean applications, including cut-and-cover structures.

Achieving Dry Cut-and-Cover Stations, Mergelsberg, W., Gall, V. and Sauer, G.April 21, 1996

Proceedings of the International Conference on North American Tunneling 1996 and the 22nd General Assembly of the International Tunneling Association, 21-24 April 1996


Based on its success in achieving dry stations and tunnels in mined construction flexible waterproofing membranes are now being utilized for remedial waterproofing of old, leaking tunnels and for the waterproofing of cut-and-cover stations.