Senior SEM Inspector (Tunnel Supervisor) [CANADA]

Job Title:            Senior SEM Inspector (Tunnel Supervisor)
Reporting to:    Senior SEM Engineer/Project Manager
Hours:                  Rotating shift work, 12h/day
Location:           Toronto, Yonge & Eglinton


Company Objective:

Dr. G. Sauer & Partners Corporation has a record of delivering high quality and innovative tunnel design solutions under tight programme controls by working efficiently with highly qualified and motivated  team members.


Purpose of the role:

The Senior SEM Inspector is an integral part of the SEM Tunnel supervision team and is required to carry out a number of diverse tasks in documenting, inspecting and reporting on the contractor’s SEM; activities, quality and design compliance. As designer of the SEM tunnel the inspection and supervision services an important feedback to verify design assumptions and construction compliance.


Responsibilities and duties:

The Senior SEM Supervisor/Inspector will maintain a presence at the heading, inspect the excavation sequence and support measures and document all SEM activities through forms and daily reports. The Senior SEM Supervisor/Inspector will be present during day and night shifts to monitor the proper implementation of the design. In order to fulfil this requirement, the Senior SEM Supervisor/Inspector will get familiar with the design documents and subsequently monitor: excavation; installation of support; equipment usage; and safety compliance. The Senior SEM Supervisor/Inspector will report on the ground conditions encountered and support measures installed in daily reports provided to the Senior SEM Engineer and the SEM Geotechnical Engineer by the end of each shift. In addition, the Senior SEM Supervisor/Inspector will observe and monitor the tunnel crews’ performance and will provide recommendations for improvements to the Senior SEM Engineer, which will discuss the recommendations with the contractors Site Manager. These recommendations will either be a direct result of their observations or could be based on changes in geology, which allow a change in excavation length or installation of support measures.


The principal duties are:

  • Producing daily reports accurately and efficiently using Microsoft products and a custom software/app.
  • Producing photos of relevant construction steps, tagging them and uploading them for filing.
  • Share observations and recommendations with SEM Engineers and site staff.


Qualifications and Experience  required: 

  • Extensive SEM/NATM construction experience, especially urban soft ground tunnelling, multiple drifts, face subdivisions, pre-support installation, tunnel junction construction, break outs documented by detailed Resume.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Good Computer skills to produce reports, file reports and images in project server environment.
  • Vocational school in Construction, foreman certificate or similar.

 Please submit your application and resume to our Toronto office: