Tunnel Design

Dr. Sauer & Partners is your partner for cost effective and innovative tunnel design. Special expertise is available for the design of new tunnel and station structures, waterproofing of underground structures, and rehabilitation of existing tunnels and other underground structures.

Geotechnical Engineering

The successful design and execution of any geotechnical engineering project requires a thorough understanding of the expected behaviour of the subsurface and appropriate simulation. 

Waterproofing & Water Control

Dr. Sauer & Partners promotes the use of flexible membranes for providing dry underground spaces. We design waterproofing systems for all kinds of underground structures.

Site Supervision & CM, QA/QC

Since its inception, Dr. Sauer & Partners has provided construction management and inspection services to complement design and consulting work with experienced field supervision. The company’s group of field engineers and inspectors has helped to complete many successful tunnel projects around the world.

Instrumentation & Monitoring

Instrumentation and monitoring is a crucial part of any underground construction as it allows verification of the design assumptions, provides a comprehensive picture of the ground behaviour and ground-support interaction, allows adequate adjustment of construction methods, ensures safe construction, and protects existing structures in an urban environment.

Construction Management

Inspection and maintenance procedures for tunnels and underground structures are valuable tools, which help preserve the design life and keep these structures at a safe and operational level.

Tunnel Rehabilitation

Many older tunnels today are either not used to their full potential or are not used at all due to their structural condition.  These older tunnels can be widened in order to accommodate larger freight trains, trucks, light rail or to increase the traffic capacity and in the case of leaking tunnels and deteriorated tunnels can be rehabilitated creating a dry and safe environment.