Tunneling ... and Beyond

Tunneling ... and Beyond

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Urban Tunnelling Consequences

Urban Tunnelling Consequences
WT March 1998

World Tunneling March 1998

Achieving Dry Cut-and-Cover Stations

Achieving Dry Cut-and-Cover Stations
A Membrane Based Waterproofing System for Underground Structures

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Tunnel Design

Dr. Sauer & Partners is your partner for cost effective and innovative tunnel design. Special expertise is available for the design of new tunnel and station structures, waterproofing of underground structures, and rehabilitation of existing tunnels and other underground structures. Construction methods include:

  • Mined Tunnelling Methods (e.g. NATM, SEM, Shotcrete Method, SES),
  • Mechanized Tunneling Methods (e.g. TBM, EPBM, Shield Tunnelling), and
  • Open Cut Methods (e.g. Cut & Cover, Top-Down).

Based on its worldwide experience and involvement in numerous tunnelling projects since 1980, Dr. Sauer & Partners has delivered an unrivalled history of successful projects for transit tunnels and underground stations, highway and utility tunnels as well as pedestrian tunnels. Tunnels can be located in rural or urban areas and any type of geology, including soft ground, mixed face and hard rock.

Design services include:

  • Feasibility and other Technical Studies 
  • Comparative Studies: comparing Mined / Mechanized / Cut-and-Cover Tunneling Methods
  • Conceptual and Preliminary Design 
  • Final Design and Bid Support Services
  • Conceptual and Detailed Cost Estimates
  • Risk Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Design-build Design Services
  • Construction Support Services (e.g. Value Engineering Proposals and Shop Drawings)
  • Insurance Support Services
  • Claim Management
  • Expert Advice
  • Waterproofing Design
  • Tunnel Ventilation and Emergency Evacuation Design.

Special Construction Methods:

  • A series of special construction methods has been developed to address special conditions for tunnelling: 
  • Doorframe Slab Method: for tunnels with shallow overburden
  • Barrel Vault Method: for tunnels in soft, loose ground
  • Caisson Method: for mined tunnels under water, e.g. river crossings
  • Drainage Rehabilitation System: to effectively control water seepage and prevent deterioration of tunnel and underground structures
  • Waterproofing System (membrane type with sectioning for remedial repair) for all underground structures