Dr. Sauer & Partners

For more than 40 years, Dr. Sauer & Partners has delivered the full range of associated underground engineering services. 

Dr. Sauer & Partners is an independent consultancy specialised in providing the full range of design and construction management services for  tunnels, shafts and caverns. Dr. Sauer & Partners delivers innovative, cost-effective and environmentally aware designs. The company has over 40 years of experience providing solutions for some of the world’s most complex tunnelling projects for Metro, Highway, Water, Rail and Mining.

Services delivered include initial consultation and feasibility studies, final design, supervision and construction management, tunnel inspection and condition surveys, rehabilitation, waterproofing and water control, geotechnical engineering, and mining support services.

The Dr. Sauer & Partners vision: to enhance living space above ground by ensuring quality structures underground.

Dr. Sauer & Partners' Values


  • We RESPECT our clients, our public responsibilities, our environment and visionary corporate heritage. This respect underpins our approach to business and elicits the best solution.
  • Competency ensures QUALITY.  With a desire for quality, we deliver a level of excellence that our clients and the public expect and deserve. The pursuit of quality compels us to define state-of-the-art technology whilst continually refining our skills.
  • CO-OPERATION ensures we operate with accountability, integrity and the open mindedness. Through co-operation, we fulfil our passion to meet and exceed the most challenging requirements of a project.
  • With PASSION, we exceed expectation and deliver the job efficiently, on time and on budget. Our passion drives us to be innovative and flexible, and to continuously discover better ways of solving a project’s most technical issues.