Dr. Sauer & Partners offers a range of services from detailed design of waterproofing systems through to providing experienced inspectors on site to ensure quality installation. 

Underground structures are constantly moving. As they move, they develop strains due to earth loads, stress redistribution and tectonic and seismic influences, which can cause cracks to develop in the structure. Without adequate waterproofing, these cracks can allow water to enter the structure causing damage to utilities, interior finishes and even the structure itself. Flexible membranes can fulfil these requirements and have the advantage that the seams can be pressure tested during installation to ensure the integrity of the membrane.


  • Identification of suitable waterproofing systems based on groundwater levels, geometric constraints, and maintenance considerations
  • Development of conceptual and detailed waterproofing designs for tunnels and underground stations
  • Experienced supervisors and inspectors for waterproofing installations
  • Leak remediation concepts for existing tunnels that are in need of rehabilitation