Key Staff

The success of Dr. Sauer & Partners is due to its dedicated management team, and  loyal staff members.

SALZBURG - Dr. Sauer & Partner GmbH

Gerhard Sauer, Dipl.-Ing., Dr. tech., P.E. - Senior Partner

Juergen Laubbichler, M.S., P.E., P.Eng., - Managing Director & Partner

Angelos Gakis, Dr. Dipl.-Ing., MSc DIC, CEng, MICE - Head of Geotechnics

Anita Landershammer - Office Manager

LONDON - Dr. Sauer & Partners Ltd.

Brian Lyons, BEng, CEng, MICE - Managing Director & Partner

Thomas Schwind, B.S. -  Technical Director & Partner

Andreas Feiersinger, Dipl.-Ing - Senior Tunnel Engineer & Partner

Ali Nasekhian, Dr. techn., MSc. - Senior Tunnel Engineer

Ali Nasekhian, Dr. techn., MSc. - Senior Tunnel Engineer

Bethan Haig, MEng, CEng, MICE - Senior Tunnel Engineer

Sebastian Kumpfmueller, BSc, Dipl.-Ing. - Senior Tunnel Engineer

Laurence Chaplin - Head of BIM/CAD, Senior Tunnel Engineer

Emma Barnes, Assoc. CIPD, BA (Hons) - Head of HR

Emma Barnes, Assoc. CIPD, BA (Hons) - Head of HR

Becky Hayward, BA (Hons) - Head of Marketing

Washington d.c. - Dr. Sauer & Partners Corporation

Christian Karner, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) P.E., P.Eng., - Senior Tunnel Engineer & Partner

Elmar Feigl, MSc - Senior Tunnel Engineer

Franz Wilhelmstoetter , P.E. - Tunnel Engineer

Hussein Mohamed, B.Sc. Arch. - BIM/CAD Manager, Tunnel Engineer

Toronto - Dr. Sauer & Partners Corporation

Gerald M. Skalla, Dipl.-Ing. - Managing Director Canada & Partner

Franz Langer - Tunnel Management Consultant

Stephen Flynn, CEng MIEI, MSc - Senior Tunnel Engineer

Michael Orsario, Dipl.-Ing. - Principal Tunnel Engineer

Tel Aviv - Dr. Sauer & Partners

Petr Salak, MSc, Eur Ing, CEng, MICE - Managing Director, Senior Tunnel Engineer

Andrea Apfelbaum, B.A.  - Office Manager