Geotechnical Engineering

For the successful execution of any geotechnical engineering project, an experienced interpretation of the associated geotechnical data is essential.
Dr. Sauer & Partners provides the complete service in this field.

Dr. Sauer & Partners provides geotechnical engineering services by qualified geotechnical engineers for both design and execution stages:

  • Review/Interpretation of existing data (raw data, reports, maps)
  • Assessment of geotechnical parameters (Geological, Hydrological, Engineering)
  • Conceptual models
  • Geotechnical risk assessment and risk mapping
  • Numerical models (3D Finite element analysis) 
  • 3D geological models updated when new information is available
  • Settlement assessment
  • Slope stability assessments and remediation design
  • Retaining wall and shaft design (sheet piles, diaphragm walls, secant piles, jet-grout walls, sprayed concrete shafts)
3D Geological Model

3D Geological Model

Benefits of Geotechnical Assessments:

  • Complicated geology can be more accurately analysed
  • Areas requiring additional investigation are identified
  • Geotechnical risk mapping is provided
  • Increased accuracy for geological predictions of excavations
  • Significant reduction of in-tunnel probing
  • Supports more efficient SCL design