Eglinton Crosstown LRT - Inspection Works

Metrolinx and the Province of Ontario
Crosslinx Transit Solutions
$8.25 billion CAD
January 2016 — December 2017
Services performed
Initial, detailed inspection of underground structures. Condition assessed and rated according to the 'Highway and Rail Transit Tunnel Inspection Manual (2005)' of the U.S. Department of Transportation - FHWA.
The Crosstown LRT Project is a Light Rail Transit Line that will run along Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis and Kennedy Station. This 19km corridor will include a 10km underground section between Keel Street and Laird Drive. This section comprises 2 bored running tunnels; 12 stations of which 3 (Laird, Avenue and Oakwood) will be built underground using the SEM method; 12 cross passages connecting the bored running tunnels and 3 emergency exit buildings. Dr. Sauer & Partners performed an initial, detailed inspection of the bored running tunnels, every cross passage and every emergency exit building.
The geology comprises heavily over-consolidated hard plastic glacial till layers, stratified deposits of stiff to hard clays and dense, non‐plastic, silt and sand.
Toronto, Canada


  • Tunnel alignment below groundwater table
  • Initial, Detailed inspection. Assessment and rating according to FHWA inspection manual
  • New line with 10km underground section

Inspection of Cross Passage Entrance

Inspection of the Segmental Tunnel Lining