Simon Addyman

TfL/LU Project Manager, BSCUP

"Through my exposure to Dr. Sauer & Partners at BSCU, I found them to be a very capable design organisation. They were technically very strong, and shone from the early days during the bid stage with Dragados. They have the relatively unique ability to self-manage, utilising clear processes to manage the contract, allocate resources and progress work. 

The company added value to the project primarily through its technical competency. They gained the confidence and credibility of the TfL Asset Discipline Engineers in the early stages of the project, demonstrating that lessons from their past experiences were followed through. They were always proactive in identifying emerging issues, and coming forward with potential solutions.

Dr. Sauer & Partners is an innovative company, technically they represent where tunnel design is going. The company is at the cutting edge, and as SCL specialists, they are some of the best tunnel designers in the world. The single greatest benefit of having Dr. Sauer & Partners on the project was the technical competence they bring, they give a feeling that things are being well managed and that they are doing the right thing. That is extremely reassuring in projects of this magnitude and complexity.

Senior management were ever present, competent and responsive and this showed how a small specialist company is capable of managing technical challenges, contract administration and a fluctuating work load."