An Update from Eglinton LRT

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

All members of the Dr. Sauer & Partners team in Toronto are now pitching in on the finishing straight of this great project in Toronto as it nears its end, including Gerald Skalla, our Managing Director in Canada. With the Covid-19 situation and in accordance with social distancing requirements, the project continues as it approaches its finish.

Currently, the project status is as follows: 
As of 9th April 2020, the South East running tunnel primary lining was completed with the connection to the TBM tunnel (running East to the next Station of Yonge-Eglinton). The North East running tunnel continues with seven top headings and eight bench/inverts to go. 

The centre drift of the reduced cavern still requires the construction of two top headings and headwall construction, followed by catching up with bench and invert excavation and temporary sidewall removal. 

To summarise, SEM excavation on Avenue Station continues. Meanwhile, the waterproofing and final lining installation is ongoing and in parallel. Dr. Sauer & Partners is the designer of that area of the project as well, but is not responsible for the full time supervision, just incremental site visits and quality assurance (Stephen Flynn, Senior Tunnel Engineer) in line with the role of the Professional Engineer on Record (PoR). 

A big thank you to the entire team of engineers and inspectors that got us to this point. 

Dr. Sauer & Partners' Stephen Flynn, Walter Glanznig and Gerald Skalla (L-R) on site in Toronto, maintaining the necessary distance from each other