Project Update News

An update from the Woodsmith Mine

As work continues at the Woodsmith Mine, sinking of two 1600m deep service and production shafts is underway and the 25m x 15m elliptical shaft brow within the MTS Shaft Inset has recently completed. Horizontal development of the MTS Station Chamber is also underway.

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Heavy Lifting in the Chesapeake Bay

A multi-purpose steel trestle designed by Intesca-Inarsa & Dr. Sauer & Partners facilitated the successful lifting of the 43.5ft diameter and 3,000-ton heavy TBM, ‘CHESSIE’ from a barge onto the Southern Island.

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An update from Chinatown

With the recent pre-opening of SFMTA’s Central Subway line between Chinatown and 4th and Brannan, Dr. Sauer & Partners looks back with a sense of achievement on its role in the project. 

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