Chinatown Update

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Technical Director Thomas Schwind and UK MD and Strategic Development Director Gerald Skalla seized the opportunity to visit the construction site of Muni’s Chinatown Station in San Francisco, USA.

The station, consisting of a large crosscut which is 45ft wide and 55 ft high, houses two tracks, a central platform and a passenger concourse above, was designed by Dr Sauer & Partners Thomas Schwind back in 2011.

Thomas Schwind and third partner Christian Karner, personally delivered the design in a collocated office in San Francisco.

This visit was the first time Thomas could witness the construction of these massive underground structures and how his visionary and innovative design ideas were being brought to reality.

The excavation of the station will be completed by the end of February 2018 by Tutor Perini and their sub-contractor Frontier Kemper.

Our site supervision team, headed by Michael Orsario, will move on to the Eglington Crosstown LR Project in Toronto, CAN, following completion.