Dr. Sauer & Partners at Hyperloop One's Vision for Europe Summit

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Tuesday 6th June, 2017 saw the elite gathering of Hyperloop One Executives, European Dignitaries, Policymakers and underground space developers. Hyperloop One showcased its vision for the transformation of transportation across the European continent through Hyperloop.

Dr. Sauer & Partners‘ Petr Salak was invited to the event in which Hyperloop One’s vision foreseeing economic unification for those living outside of economic centres and large cities was presented. The goal is to sustainably increase capacity of strategic corridors linking cities and next-generation logistics delivering faster, more reliable and cleaner movement of goods. All of this to be delivered through its futuristic approach which sees passengers and cargo loaded into pods. These pods are then accelerated gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The pods once levitating glide at airline speeds for long distances.  

Speaking about the event, Petr said: “From the use of underground space perspective, it was clear that teams are thinking about tunnels and underground facilities to deliver this system into our busy cities. This makes me think even more about the importance of strategic planning and safeguarding of underground space. This challenge will be a focus in 2017 and beyond to help create cities we need.”