Equality and diversity at Dr. Sauer & Partners Ltd.

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Equal opportunity and diversity is integral to our corporate culture and we strive to promote diversity in relation to nationality, age and gender. We provide our staff with a working environment that is free from prejudice and which drives them to reach their full potential and enjoy working within teams of diverse people. We believe that drawing on the skills of such diverse groups helps us enhance our competitiveness and secures our company’s presence in the global market. 

Through our Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Policy we are committed to the following principles across our company:

  • Zero tolerance of discrimination, prejudice, or harassment.
  • Active expansion of the diversity of our workforce.
  • Equal opportunity for professional development. 

Our involvement in tunnelling projects worldwide allows us to recruit, develop and retain staff from a diverse background in terms of nationality, education, experience and gender. Our staff bring with them expertise from different tunnelling projects in different countries and we value and nurture their skills and experience. 

In our UK office we have staff working for us who represent eleven different nationalities. 

Every year we continue to recruit undergraduate and graduate interns who come to gain experience on our high profile tunnelling projects. Our interns come from a vast range of backgrounds and many have gone on to become permanent members of staff. 

Dr. Sauer & Partners recognises the under-representation of female workers in the construction industry. This, coupled with the predicted shortage of civil engineers in the UK, means we have a responsibility to be proactive in recruiting new talent and increase the percentage of women in tunnelling. 

In our London office we have seen steady growth in female workers since 2011. We aim to continue this trend in the coming years. 


% of Female Employees