Heavy Lifting in the Chesapeake Bay

Thursday, January 5th, 2023

In December, Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture (CTJV) Partners Dragados USA and Schiavone Construction successfully lifted the 43.5ft diameter and 3,000-ton heavy TBM ‘CHESSIE’ from a barge onto the Southern Island to assemble the machine for launch in spring of 2023. The transfer from barge to the artificial island was facilitated via a multi-purpose steel trestle. 

This structure was designed by Intesca-Inarsa & Dr. Sauer & Partners to fulfil a variety of functions:
-    increase of space on the island for heavy truck traffic
-    accommodate a large crawler crane for TBM delivery (max. lift load from barge 585 kips or 2,600 kN!)
-    address space constraints with one rail of the portal crane located on the trestle and the other on the island
-    storage of TBM segments during tunnel construction

Besides the steel trestle, the scope of services included the design of a variety of other structures including a 500 ft long muck pit, a TBM jacking frame and cradle, numerous shallow and deep foundations, shoring designs, as well as a smaller steel trestle on the Northern Island.

The project’s lead designer Mott MacDonald worked with us to make sure all temporary and permanent structures fit together nicely. 

Most recent project updates including photos and videos can be found at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District’s website: https://www.cbbt.com/news/ptstprojectupdate/.

Below are a few selected photos showing 'CHESSIE' being transferred to the Southern Island.  (courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District and Dragados USA).